Your Rewards

Earn Ziscuit Credits And Turn Them Into Real Cash.

What are Ziscuit Credits?

Once users reach the minimum number of Ziscuit Credits, they can redeem them in for actual cash.

How Do You Earn Ziscuit Credits?

You can earn Ziscuit Credits by inviting your friends, using Ziscuit’s search engine, and publishing recipes on our Recipe Marketplace! Here’s a breakdown

How Do You Use Ziscuit Credits?

Instant Grocery

Apply Ziscuit Credits at checkout and get instant savings.


Don't have time to pick up your groceries, use your dollars to pay for delivery.

Give To

Donate your dollars to food banks to help them make sure no one goes to bed hungry.

Original Recipes

Publish Your Original Recipes. When other users select your Recipes, you earn Credits.

How To Convert Ziscuit Credits

Credits to Dollars

4 Credits = $1US

Minimum Balance

Users can redeem Credits when the Balance value exceeds $25US

User Identity
Verification Required

Ziscuit must confirm your identity before funds are released

is Easy

Users provide their PayPal email. Ziscuit will transfer your funds to your account.