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Just Ziscuit

When it comes to your grocery budget, don't risk it....

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What Will You Do When You No Longer Waste Hours Planning Shopping Trips?

More Money

When you use Ziscuit, you will save money for post-pandemic vacation.

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Using Ziscuit you will have a lot of free time on your man-cave and she-shed.

More Groceries

Ziscuit will help you to buy and have more groceries.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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A grocery search engine searches for the prices of the brands on your shopping list and finds the cheapest options. Ziscuit goes a step further. We generate multiple combinations of store options that can save you as much as $10-$15 per shopping trip. Just tell us:


1. How many stops you are willing to make,
2. How far you want to travel from your house
3. What stores you want included in the search

If you are familiar with Walmart’s online shopping website, you will love Zisuit. Just select the brands you want by searching through departments or use the search bar to find items. Add them to you shopping cart and you are done!

After you build your shopping list (must have $50 or more in your cart), the “Start Engine” button will appear.


1. Click Start Engine

2. Configure Your Setings

— Number of stops you are willing to make

— Number of miles you are willing to travel from your primary zip code

— Types of stores you want included in the search

3. Hit Start Engine

4. Ziscuit will give you multiple combinations of stores where you save money

5. Select the option you like the BEST and PRINT out your roadmap to saving!

To get more savings on Ziscuit, do the following after you have submitted your list:


1. Increase the number of miles you are willing to travel to retrieve your groceries;
2. Increase the number of stops you are willing to make to save; and
3. Open the search to ALL types of stores in your community.


Don’t Risk It, Just Ziscuit!
First, we are VERY sorry. We gather and load price data as fast as we can. If you find a different price, send the following to us and be entered into a monthly drawing for a $10 giftcard:


1. Brand Name
2. UPC code
3. Store Price
4. Store Name
5. Store Number
6. Store Address

No. We are currently just a SEARCH ENGINE to help you find CHEAP GROCERIES. When we grow up, we do plan to help you buy and retrieve those CHEAP GROCERIES.

No. We are a free SEARCH ENGINE designed to help you SAVE TIME AND MONEY.

We select the best grocery stores for our platform. However, if you wish to provide feedback on a store, please send us an email at

My late mother was a school teacher. She spent hours looking through flyers and clipping coupons. We make 3-4 stops every Sunday when we went food shopping. Ziscuit is designed to help you save and give you back those precious hours. If I am not hitting that mark, I want to know. Contact me and share your thoughts:


1. Email –
2. Twitter –
3. Telephone – (404) 910-5094

Our Mission

Fighting Food Waste and Insecurity through smart search

Ziscuit is a grocery search engine that provides instant savings to shoppers and high-value traffic to our grocery retail partners.