Use Ziscuit Dollars To Supercharge Your Shopping Experience.
What Are Ziscuit Points?
Ziscuit Dollars are a type of currency meant to REWARD our most active and engaged ZISCUITEERS!

Your total number of Ziscuit Dollars will always appear next to your profile picture.

How Do You Earn Ziscuit Dollars?
You can earn Ziscuit Dollars by inviting your friends and shopping! Here’s a breakdown

Invite a friend who joins Ziscuit                                + 5 Ziscuit Dollars
Shop 4 consecutive weeks with Ziscuit                      + 2 Ziscuit Dollars
Spend over a total of $800 in a month with Ziscuit    + 2 Ziscuit Dollars
Shop with 3 different retailers in a month                  + 2 Ziscuit Dollars

How Do You Use Ziscuit Dollars?

Instant Grocery Savings!
Apply Ziscuit Dollars at checkout and get instant savings.

Grocery Delivery!
Don't have time to pick up your groceries, use your dollars to pay for delivery.

Give To Charity!
Donate your dollars to food banks to help them make sure no one goes to bed hungry.