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1. Build Shopping List From RECIPE INGREDIENTS

Post your list with the brands you love

2. Set Your Shopping Preferences

Make selections to maximize your time and dollar savings.


We will find the store(s) where each grocery item is the cheapest.

How Ziscuit Works

More Savings Means More Food

Post Grocery

Post your active list in the Ziscuit auction. Grocery stores will post bids


Configure your list settings: pick-up date travel radius; and the number of stops


Schedule pick-up time for Pick-N-Packed groceries) from service desk


Earn Rewards after each transaction. Cash in rewards for groceries.

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We Turn Your Delicious Recipes into Affordable Meals By Comparing Prices At Local  Stores So You Can Have…

...More Money For Gas

When you use Ziscuit, you save $5 to $10 per shopping trip (vs. primary store prices). I have run out of gas on the highway at the end of the month. After just a few shopping trips using Ziscuit, you will have saved enough to fill your gas tank.


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Data presented is based on internal information as of Q3 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question or answer you like? email us at

A grocery search engine searches for the prices of the brands on your shopping list and finds the cheapest options. Ziscuit goes a step further. We generate multiple combinations of store options that can save you as much as $10-$15 per shopping trip. Just tell us:


1. How many stops you are willing to make,
2. How far you want to travel from your house
3. What stores you want included in the search

Yes, Ziscuit is free to use.  Shoppers will always have a free option on this platform. In the future we will offer subscription accounts for shoppers who want exciting new ways to save money on their groceries.

If you are familiar with Walmart’s online shopping website, you will love Zisuit. Just select the brands you want by searching through departments or use the search bar to find items. Add them to you shopping cart and you are done!

After you build your shopping list (must have $50 or more in your cart), the “Start Engine” button will appear.


1. Click Start Engine

2. Configure Your Setings

— Number of stops you are willing to make

— Number of miles you are willing to travel from your primary zip code

— Types of stores you want included in the search

3. Hit Start Engine

4. Ziscuit will give you multiple combinations of stores where you save money

5. Select the option you like the BEST and PRINT out your roadmap to saving!

To get more savings on Ziscuit, do the following after you have submitted your list:


1. Increase the number of miles you are willing to travel to retrieve your groceries;
2. Increase the number of stops you are willing to make to save; and
3. Open the search to ALL types of stores in your community.


Don’t Risk It, Just Ziscuit!
First, we are VERY sorry. We gather and load price data as fast as we can. If you find a different price, send the following to us and be entered into a monthly drawing for a $10 giftcard:


1. Brand Name
2. UPC code
3. Store Price
4. Store Name
5. Store Number
6. Store Address

No. We are currently just a SEARCH ENGINE to help you find CHEAP GROCERIES. When we grow up, we do plan to help you buy and retrieve those CHEAP GROCERIES.

No. We are a free SEARCH ENGINE designed to help you SAVE TIME AND MONEY.

We select the best grocery stores for our platform. However, if you wish to provide feedback on a store, please send us an email at

My late mother was a school teacher. She spent hours looking through flyers and clipping coupons. We make 3-4 stops every Sunday when we went food shopping. Ziscuit is designed to help you save and give you back those precious hours. If I am not hitting that mark, I want to know. Contact me and share your thoughts:
1. Email –
2. Twitter –
3. Telephone – (404) 910-5094

Yes, you can earn real cash using Ziscuit.  There are several ways, including inviting friends to use Ziscuit, using Ziscuit’s search engine, and publishing your original recipes.  For more details, please see our Rewards page.

Create an account and start adding your recipes to your account.  

Shoppers can subscribe to boxes created by local vendors and farmers on the Food & Beverage Subscription Service Platform.  The longer you subscribe, the cheaper the box gets.

To find  the F&B platform:
1. Log in to Ziscuit
2. Go to Shopping
3. Click Fod Boxes

After you enter your address, you will see all available food and beverage boxes in your area.

In a grocery reverse auction, the buyer puts up a request for required goods (grocery list). Grocery stores, drug stores and dollar stores then place bids for the amount they are willing to be paid for the good or service. The seller with the lowest and most convenient bid amount wins.

  1. Select the “+” to start a Grocery List.
  2. Select SCAN to scan the barcode from a previous shopping list that has items you want to purchase.
  3. If all items are not on your shopping receipt, Select “ “ Icon to Enter Items manually. Prices from your local market will be automatically entered for each item.
  4. Enter the mile radius you are willing to travel from your selected location to receive the best deals.
  5. Enter the number of stops you are willing to make to get the best prices; and
  6. Finally, you activate your list by selecting the bid termination date

There are two reasons why you may not receive a bid for your active posted grocery:

  1. The mile radius selected was too limited; and
  2. Limited the number of stops to 1 eliminated potential bid options

Update these options and re-post your list.

After you accept a bid, you will have two methods to pay for your grocery items. You can opt to:

(1) Pay for your items at the Customer Service desk of the retailers in your accepted bids; or

(2) Pre-pay for your items on the Ziscuit platform. (When you select this option, you will present your payment barcode to the check-out associate at the Customer Service Desk).

After a Customer accepts a bid, he/she is prompted to “Schedule Pickup” for the stores associated with your grocery list. Customers enter the day and time they plan to retrieve the items. Customers are given 48 hours to retrieve their items after confirmation.

No. We currently do not offer home delivery, but it is in our plans. After you accept a bid, you must pick-up your items from each store.


Pick-up of grocery items is free. After payment is confirmed, the customer can pick-up the items at the customer service desk.

Yes. Ziscuit Customers who wish to use the reverse auction feature must pay a $5 annual fee in addition to a variable service fee per transaction (not to exceed 0.05%) after list confirmation. The service fee varies based on the dollar amount of the grocery list.

If you do not have a receipt from a previous shopping experience, you can create a list using Ziscuit’s list creation tools. The Ziscuit list creation tool input local pricing for items you place on your list.

We select the best grocery options for our platform. Consumers can also grade individual store locations with each transaction. If an individual store falls below our quality rate level, they will be removed. The store will not be permitted back on the platform until a Ziscuit inspector completes an in-store inspection.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with an item on your list, you may exchange the item.

Our Mission

To Make Good Food Accessible and Affordable For Everyone Everywhere

Hunger is not a Food Problem. Hunger is a Logistical Problem.  There is cheap food in every city.  We just can’t figure out how to aggregate the demand and get the food to the people who need it the most.

Ziscuit is dedicated to changing this reality.

Donate and become apart of the solution.