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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a reverse auction?

In a grocery reverse auction, the buyer puts up a request for required goods (grocery list). Grocery stores, drug stores and dollar stores then place bids for the amount they are willing to be paid for the good or service. The seller with the lowest and most convenient bid amount wins.

How do I post a grocery list and get bids?

  1. Select the “+” to start a Grocery List
  2. Select SCAN to scan the barcode from a previous shopping list that has items you want to purchase
  3. If all items are not on your shopping receipt, Select “ “ Icon to Enter Items manually. Prices from your local market will be automatically entered for each item.
  4. Enter the mile radius you are willing to travel from your selected location to receive the best deals
  5. Enter the number of stops you are willing to make to get the best prices; and
  6. Finally, you activate your list by selecting the bid termination date.

What happens if I do not get any bids?

There are two reasons why you may not receive a bid for your active posted grocery:

  1. The mile radius selected was too limited; and
  2. Limited the number of stops to 1 eliminated potential bid options
Update these options and re-post your list.

Do you offer home delivery?

No. We currently do not offer home delivery, but it is in our plans. After you accept a bid, you must pick-up your items from each store. Don't worry, delivery is in our plans. Signup for our mailing list and we will notify you as soon as options are available in your zip code.

Does Ziscuit charge any fees?

Yes. Ziscuit Customers who wish to use the reverse auction feature must pay a $5 annual fee in addition to a variable service fee per transaction (not to exceed 0.05%) after list confirmation. The service fee varies based on the dollar amount of the grocery list.

After I accept a bid, how do I pay for my grocery order?

After you accept a bid, you will have two methods to pay for your grocery items. You can opt to: (1) Pay for your items at the Customer Service desk of the retailers in your accepted bids; or (2) Pre-pay for your items on the Ziscuit platform. (When you select this option, you will present your payment barcode to the check-out associate at the Customer Service Desk).

What do I do if I do not have a receipt from a previous shopping experience?

If you do not have a receipt from a previous shopping experience, you can create a list using Ziscuit’s list creation tools. The Ziscuit list creation tool input local pricing for items you place on your list.

Can I trust the product quality from stores that I have not shopped at in the past?

We select the best grocery options for our platform. Consumers can also grade individual store locations with each transaction. If an individual store falls below our quality rate level, they will be removed. The store will not be permitted back on the platform until a Ziscuit inspector completes an in-store inspection.

What if I am not satisfied?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied with an item on your list, you may exchange the item.

How do I schedule pick-up of my pre-shopped items?

After a Customer accepts a bid, he/she is prompted to “Schedule Pickup” for the stores associated with your grocery list. Customers enter the day and time they plan to retrieve the items. Customers are given 48 hours to retrieve their items after confirmation.

Is grocery item pick-up free or is there a fee?

Pick-up of grocery items is free. After payment is confirmed, the customer can pick-up the items at the customer service desk.

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