When Grocery Stores Bid

You Save.


  • Get the benefit of couponing without all the work

  • No more weekend field trips to find stocked-out items

  • Get household essentials without the Pandemic Pricing

  • Shop Different. Post your list on Ziscuit.

  • Grocery Stores Will Compete To Earn Your Business

When It Comes To Your Grocery Budget, Don'T Risk It....Just Ziscuit.


How Ziscuit Works

Grocery Stores Bid To FulFill Your Grocery List

Configure Preferences

You have the power.  Configure your list setting: (1) pick-up date; (2) how far you are willing to travel; and (3) how many stops you are willing to make to save money. 

Post Grocery List

Once you make the list active, grocery stores will post bids.  Ziscuit will group the bids based on your preferences. You select the offer or offers that are right for you 

Pickup Groceries & Save

Use Ziscuit to schedule a grocery pick-up time (pre-picked) from the service desk or pick your items and check-out as per usual.


Your Benefits

When It Comes To Your Grocery Budget, Don't Risk it....Just Ziscuit

More Money

The three hours per week you spend clipping coupons can now be invested in your man-cave or she-shed.  

More Time

You Select The Bids That Save You the most money for the brands you love.  When Grocery stores compete for your business, you save.

More Groceries

When you use Ziscuit, you will earn rewards that can be cashed in for groceries or exchanged for perks like home delivery.

Are You A Ziscuiteer?


Ziscuiteers are 
Tech Saavy

Ziscuiteers use are "First Movers" when it comes to using technology.  You were first to buy the iPhone.  You are best friends with Alexa.  You will be the first to tell your friends about Ziscuit.  #ziscuiteer


Never Overspend

Ziscuiteers shop differently.  They know that they can save money when grocery stores compete to earn their business.  Ziscuiteers post their list for bid and select the offer that saves them the most money. #ziscuiteer


Never Waste Time

Ziscuiteers don't waste time clipping coupons. Ziscuiteers don't waste time sorting through dozens of weekly flyers looking for discounts.  Ziscuiteers post their lists and let grocery stores bring the deals to them. #ziscuiteers


Ziscuit Makes Shopping Easy

You Post. They Bid. You Save.


Frequently Asked Questions

Don't See Your Question or Answer You Like, email us at info@ziscuit.shop


When It Comes To Your Grocery Budget,

Don't Risk It....Just Ziscuit!

Ziscuit is a scrappy startup in the middle of Beta-Testing.  Become a Ziscuiteer and join the movement.  Register today and when the App is ready, we will notify you. (Note: Grocery Stores looking to partner, please email Ziscuit at partner@ziscuit.shop)

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